Science: Comparing C2000 & C2014 – KS1

The tables below list the learning objectives from both the Curriculum 2000 programmes of study and those from the new curriculum. Changes or additions are added in the third column and the changes to learning objectives are highlighted in red (see the Word & Pdf copies).

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History: Comparing C2000 & C2014

The history programmes of study have been the most controversial aspect of the curriculum review process. The current draft document, which is likely to become law in August with some minor revisions, is very different from the draft history curriculum published in February. These changes are likely to be welcomed by primary school teachers. In reviewing the changes from the current National Curriculum, published in 2000, I’ve found it useful, in terms of trying to understand the differences and implications for planning and teaching, to examine both programmes of study side-by-side.

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Comparing new PoS to 2006 framework for Maths

These documents draw comparisons between the objectives listed in the 2006 primary framework for mathematics and the latest draft of the 2014 National Curriculum. Each year group’s document contains an ‘at-a-glance’ view of what’s been removed and what’s been added, followed by a breakdown comparing each objective from the old framework to the new requirements.

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Curriculum 2014 – Programmes of Study

Teacher Alex Crump – @alfiecrump – from Shellingford Primary has compiled the complete programmes of study for the new Primary Curriculum.

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